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Do you believe God is calling you to the ministry of writing for publication? Then you've come to the right place! 

I am a Christian author and Bible-teacher passionate about helping aspiring Christian authors answer their call to write for the kingdom! I offer resources to inspire and equip you for the call of writing and to help you get ready to publish your writings in the Christian marketplace.  Be sure to check out my latest book for aspiring Christian writers and  the other resources I offer below to help you write for the kingdom. Also, be sure to join my mailing list to receive ongoing inspiration from my writing and Bible-teaching ministry. 

Welcome! I look forward to helping you answer your call to write for the kingdom!


Though many feel a calling to write, it can be overwhelming for new writers to discover how to answer their call and begin the journey to write for ministry and publication. With warmth and transparency, the author shares her story of how she answered the call to write for ministry and achieved her goal to become a Christian author. Readers will  be inspired to answer their call to write for ministry, to prepare for their new calling, to navigate and overcome any challenges encountered along the way, and to keep going on their writing journey until they reach their destination to become a Christian author. Questions for individual reflection and/or group discussion are included at the end of each chapter to encourage readers to dig deeper as to how to answer, prepare and live out their calling to write for the kingdom. If you are in need of a primer to help you become the Christian author God is calling you to be, order your copy of this book today.

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Do you have a general question about writing, publishing or marketing that you'd like me to address as you begin writing for ministry and publication? Then consider signing up for my general advice and coaching session. I'll answer your questions about anything related to writing, publishing, or marketing and/or how to learn how to write in the midst of your busy life.


In need of someone to hold you accountable while you write your book?  As a writing coach, I offer  combination of support, encouragement, feedback and prayer to help you write and finish the book God is calling you to write. I  work with you over a designated period of weeks or months to help you with your writing project.


Is your manuscript completed and you're ready to self-publish but need help on how to get it done? Then sign up for a free consultation to discuss the services I offer to help you get your book published!

Would you like constructive feedback on a Christian poem, short story, article or the first pages of your book to determine if it is ready for publication? Then purchase a writing evaluation.

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