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 A book coach helps the writer every step of the way so that they’re not alone and so that they don’t lose courage. They help the writer stay focused on their goals and guides and encourages. An author coach is like a personal trainer for an aspiring author. The focus is not on the words on the page; it's on you as the aspiring author and all that stuff that surrounds the words on the page.

Lauren Sapala 


Is it your desire to write a book to become a Christian author but you need help getting started and staying motivated along the way? Then consider hiring me as your author coach!

As a WRITING coach, I will help you:

  • Choose the main idea for your book
  • Choose your book title
  • Choose the structure of your book
  • Create a Table of Contents for your book
  • Create the chapter contents for your book
  • Choose the best place and time to write your book
  • Set a writing schedule

As an ACCOUNTABILITY coach, I will help you...

  • Stay commited to your writing schedule 
  • Overcome your writing obstacles 
  • Deal with doubt and discouragement 
  • Stay on track toward your writing deadline
  • Stay motivated so you don't give up! 

If  you're ready to write your first book, book a  free fifteen minute consultation to discuss my coaching packages and if I am the right coach for you!


Even for Christian authors inspired by the Holy Spirit, writing is still a process and a discipline. I found myself struggling to complete the sequel to my book of five short stories. I signed up for author coaching because I needed to set goals and be held accountable for meeting them. I've completed my five stories now, and hope to publish the sequel this year. The coaching offered by Jeaninne Stokes was a valuable resource in helping me reach that goal. I highly recommend this service to anyone who aspires to walk in the calling of a Christian author.     

 Deborah J. Glover, Author