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What is book coaching? 

A book coach helps the writer every step of the way so that they’re not alone and so that they don’t lose courage. They help the writer stay focused on their goals and guides and encourages. An author coach is like a personal trainer for an aspiring author. The focus is not on the words on the page; it's on you as the aspiring author and all that stuff that surrounds the words on the page.

                                                                                                                     Lauren Sapala

As a book coach, I’ll help you get started on your journey to write your Christian or faith-based book and help you to stay motivated along the way. Please select the coaching package that best addresses your need as a new Christian writer.



  • This book coaching package includes: (see the blueprint to be sure you've added evryhinghere you want to cover)
  • Identifying who your book is for (your target audience)
  • Deciding on the format for your book
  • Deciding on your title for your book
  • Creating an outline for your book
  • Determining the best place and best time to write your book
  • Setting measurable and achievable goals for writing your book

Interested in learning more? Contact me for a free consultation and for the price for this package!

I need  a cheerleader to help me stay o n track and to hold me accounteable to reach my writing goal or someone holding me accountable to help me stay on track to reach my writing goal

Coaching package #3: The Cheerleader 

Your coaching session includes: 

  • four coaching sessions to check on your progress, to review your daily, weekly or monthly writing goals to be sure they are realistic, to discuss how to overcome any obstacles getting in the way of your writing time time, and to pray for your writing needs.

  •  to encourage you to stay ontrack toward s your destination or

  • make sure you're on track towards reaching your writing goals.

Coaching Session #3


I've started writing my book but now I'm stuck

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Coaching session  #2:  How to keep writing when you're stuck in the middle - A one hour clarity session

Your coaching session includes:

A discussion of what has led to you being stuck, how to overcome the marathon in the middle and how to overcome any distractions or obstacles getting the way of getitng t othe finish line... (see Jenny's informati about how t ocoachthis

 and how to increase your inspiration, your energy and your productivity to get you to the finish line of writing your book.

Your investment: 125.00/hour

Coaching session #2 (cost per hour)

Your investment: $125/session

I have finished my first ten or 100 pages and would like feedback

I have finished my first ten or 100 pages and would like feedback

Coaching package #3: Writing with clarity- a partial manuscript evaluation

This book coaching package includes: 

  • Reading of your manuscript up to ten pages to provide constructive feedback, discussing problems and solutions or suggestions for improving your manuscript 
  • A one-hour coaching session to discuss my feedback, problems and solutions or suggestions for improvement

  • A list of recommended editors to use when your manuscript is completed and ready for developmental editing

Your investment: $300.00

Coaching Session #3


I have finished my manuscript and am ready to get it published

Your coaching package includes: 

add other informaton here on other page

  • Completion of an intake survey to see what you need
  • A workbook to complete the components needed to self-publish
  • Two sixty-minute coaching session to set up your book on Amazon

Your investment: $125.00 for a one-hour session

Coaching session #4 (cost per hour)