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Are you looking for a keynote speaker who can inspire your audience of  Christian writers seeking to write for ministry and faith-based publication?

Then book Jeaninne! Jeaninne is passionate about helping others called to write for faith-based publication and enjoys sharing her journey of how she became a Christian author. All of her keynote messages are biblically-based and designed to inspire your audience of writers how to write for the kingdom and they are suitable for a full-day event or as a shorter session within a full-day event.


Lessons from the writing wilderness: How I survived the journey to become a Christian writer-- and how you can too!

Extracting from her memoir about her journey to become a Christian author, Jeaninne shares her inspirational story of how God called her to leave her career in higher education to pursue a career in ministry as a Christian writer and the lessons she learned along the way, with the goal to inspire and challenge you to answer the call of writing too.

A Charge for Christian writers

Using the charge the apostle Paul gave to his son in the ministry, Timothy, Jeaninne shares how to continue living out the calling as a Christian writer when discouragement , doubt and other obstacles seek to prevent you from doing so.

What is a Christian writer? 

What does the Bible teaches us about writing for ministry? How does God define a Christian writer? Where do we get our inspiration from as Christian writers, and what does the Bible teach us about how we are to write for ministry? This keynote message  discusses how you can find inspiration and guidance from God's Holy Word to become the Christian writer God has called you to be. 

Honey, I'm pregnant!  

Using the story of Mary and Joseph, this keynote message will discuss how to get those closest to you to understand your calling as a Christian writer and how to get their support along the way.

What do you do when God changes your plans ?

This message discusses what can be  learned  from the story of Moses and his call when God calls us out of one career  to pursue a career in ministry as Christian writers. 

How to build the walls of your writing ministry

Using the story of Nehemiah and his call to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, this keynote message discusses the key principles we can learn from Nehemiah about how to build the walls of our writing ministries as we prepare to  write for the kingdom.


"Jeaninne, thank you so much for a great presentation that was both inspiring and motivational. I loved the creativity of linking the story of Moses with our writing experiences. It was awesome. "

Catherine Tucker, President, Dallas Area Writers Guild (DAWG)