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First Sermon Critique

Would you like to receive constructive feedback about the writing of your first sermon to get it ready to share with your audience? I will read up to ten pages of your first sermon and offer you constructive feedback on the following areas: Title, outline, Introduction, transition statements, the body of your message and your conclusion and send you a written recommendation about any aspects of your sermon needing improvement. 

Your investment: $ 125.00

Partial Manuscript Evaluation

Have you started writing a nonfiction faith-based book and would like some feedback before you continue the work of writing and finishing your manuscript? Jeaninne offers a partial manuscript evaluation which includes the following:

*A review of your title to see if it captures the audience you are seeking to reach

*A review of your table of contents

*Reading of the first ten pages of your manuscript to provide constructive feedback on the overall concept of your book project and whether it is a good idea for your intended audience

*feedback on whether your writing skills need to be improved in any way to make the manuscript stronger.

Your investment: $150.00