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Are you being called to write a faith-based book but don't know how to get started? I have written and self-published five books so I am a perfect candidate to help you as an aspiring Christian author achieve your goal to write and publish for the faith-based marketplace.  Contact me to learn how to get started!

"Pick my Brain" Consultation


Rate: 30 minutes @ $60.00

Do you have a pressing question about writing and/or publishing a book or how to find a market for your writings? Do you need to just bounce a writing idea you have off of someone ? Then sign up for this 30 minute coaching "'pick my brain" session! You ask-I'll answer!

Book Coaching


Are you ready to take action writing the book God has called you to write, but need help desiging a clear plan and roadmap to help you achieve yuor goal? THen book a two hour strategy session with me.

The Strategy session includes:

* An intake survey to assess your writing needs (must complete 24 hours before consultation)

* A  2 hour strategy session to discuss the roadmap you'll need to follow to write your nonfiction Christian manuscript. We'll review your outline, title, theme, chapters and determine the best time and place for you to write your book. At the end of the session, you'll have a plan for how to begin writing your book.

Book Publishing Coaching

Rate: By project - $ 75.00

          By package: $300.00


Are you ready to self-publish the manuscript God gave you to write but but you're not sure how to get it done? Then sign up for a self-publisihng package coaching session to get your uploaded for self-publication

This Coaching session includes:

* An intake survey to determine your publication needs (must complete 24 hours before consultation)

* A 60 or 120 minute session to help you with your self-publication needs based on your intake form

* A follow-up email one week after coaching session

Once you select your coaching session, we will be in touch within 24 hours to have you complete the intake form before your coaching session and set up a time that works for you!

Accountablity Coaching 

This session is for current clients who need a weekly or bi-monthly check-in  to ensure they are staying on track to write their book. As a writing coach, I will offer a  combination of support, encouragement, feedback and prayer to help you complete the book God has called you to write. Because writing a book is a daunting task, you wil lneed someone to providce you with inspiration, motivation and encouragement to  help you stay motivated along the way. My accountablity sessions are designed to be the coach and cherrleader you will need to accomplish your writing goals.

Writing Accountablity Coaching